Medicolegal Evaluations


Our expert and experienced occupational therapy (OT) and speech therapy (ST) professionals are on staff to provide medico-legal evaluations for personal injury litigation and claims.

Aside from medico-legal examinations and reports, professional opinion is provided on the need for:

  • Rehabilitation/therapy and training programmes
  • Assessment on employability/alternative occupations
  • Care and attention required
  • Modifications to accommodation and recommendations on space required to accommodate the physically disabled
  • Special technical equipment and assistive devices, medical and other consumables required for life-long care

Evaluations are conducted in Hong Kong, China, and the Asia-Pacific region, on behalf of Hong Kong and overseas law firms. We visit homes, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, and work sites.

Rehabilitation Consultants specialise in catastrophic injuries and sourcing of  rehabilitation resources, including therapeutic equipment, and contacts in the region.

For solicitors only: Enquiries for further information and quotations, please contact us here.