Oral Motor Programmes


Our occupational therapists (OT) and speech therapists (ST) may provide your child with an oral motor programme as part of their private therapeutic practice.

Oral Motor Programmes may enhance:

  • Speech
  • Posture
  • Oral-motor musculature
    • Reduction of drooling
    • Improving breath control
    • Sucking, chewing, swallowing
    • Ocular motor control.

Our specialised clinic also provides various oral motor toys for use in a home programme.

Oral motor items, including those used in Talk Tools® programmes, are available for purchase at our private practice clinic in Hong Kong:

  • Whistles
  • Horns
  • Straws
  • Whistle sippers
  • Bite blocks
  • Z-Vibes
  • Theraband tubing
  • Chewy tubes
  • Chewlery necklaces and bracelets, chewable pendants
  • T’s, P’s, Q’s
  • Tongue tip lateralization tools
  • Ark grabbers
  • Oral massagers
  • Etc.